This is a blog for fantage where fantagians can get together, have fun, play games, find out hints and cheats,chat together and see whats new on fantage!!

workers needed/ job applications


Chat Moderators (needed now):

Chat Moderators will ban/kick people if they do not follow the rules.

1. Would You Ban/Kick People  ?

2. Would YOU follow the rules?

3. Why do you want to be  a moderator  ?


Authors can post and edit their own post.If you’d like to be a author then answer the questions below:

1. Will you SWEAR in posts?

2. Why do you WANT work for this blog?

3. Can I trust you and know that you will do me good?

5. Your WordPress User or Email here:



Leave email and fantage username in comments below.



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Have fun on this blog~ bubblyscarf<3


Comments on: "workers needed/ job applications" (24)

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    • thanks i think your blog sounds great but i havent heard of it sorry if you want i can check it out
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      Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫ ♥вυввℓуѕ¢αяƒ♥♫Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ❤

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    • oh wow thanks for the nice comment and sure ill see your blog
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      Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫ ♥вυввℓуѕ¢αяƒ♥♫Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ❤

  3. If you want to help me manage this blog please comment now, because this page won’t last forever

  4. I wanna be an editor. I like to help others! That’s the only reason!
    my USER NAME is aprsept.

    • Hey aprsept, thanks for asking..sorry for the very late reply but I’ve been very busy… I would love it for you to be editor….. If you still want to be editor can you just reply to this message before three days…I just need to know if you are an active member!!! ❤

  5. A
    1. Why would I swear, if there is something wrong I would give advice, not rant about it.

    2. Ive always wanted to write my own blog, but never had the people to do it for.

    3. You deffinately can, I work on the school blog at school~!

    4. No, I’ll simply get on a new blog, and try not to do the same mistakes again.


    • Thank you robin, okay you’ve got the job but one more thing reply to this message if you still want the job because I need to know if you are an active member!!! You have three days to reply to this message

  6. Foreverball11 said:

    Can I be an admin. I would love to help. I will email you. Please please please, I wanna be an admin!!! Please please. I really want this job.

    • You have three days to reply to this message if you still want to be an admin because I need to know if you are an active member!!!
      And please can you write a bit about yourself and rules that you expect from my followers and other active members

    • yes you can you can be admin, i haven’t recieved an email, so please email me

  7. Are you a seasoned writer? Your writing skills are very good!. I would like to invite you to check out my article on my car check. Please share your thoughts on my site as well – thank you!

  8. luffs_phie said:

    hai i want to be admin here i can post al ot like news blogging tips and accounts and i can refer this blog to my friends so many ppl will follow this blog hope u will hired me

    • hey, sorry for the late reply usually I’m always on my blog, I was just caught up with a lot of school work and stuff. anyways I have workers at the moment, one is on (sort of) leave for a bit, maybe you can replace her until she comes back ill send her a message and get back to you. 🙂 have fun on this blog. 😉 (since this is a very late reply, email me if you still want to be admin)

  9. Rachel Washington said:

    i would love to work here because i love fantage and im always on it. i NEVER swear i never have in my life. i would love to be a admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Is this still open? If it is, I’d like to be one of the staffs. Please reply if you see this 🙂

  11. breakstar said:

    um hi well I would love to be a editor I am answering the questions for authors
    -well of course I do not swear
    -I want to work for this blog because I think that this is the most AWESOME blog that I have ever been on
    -yes of corse you can trust me after all I have a blog but just not enough ppl to work on it and anyways I love blogging and I always keep secrets
    -no I will not get mad because I will probley just go back to my blog and try hard not to make the same mistake again
    I am breakstar email me at thx

  12. Amy as Author:

    1. I cant swear because not everything is predictable but sometimes I will.

    2. I want to work for this blog because I wish you would pay me $1-$10 an hour if I work but you don’t have to.

    3. Yes!!! Of course! Also, I will be friends with a famous blogger!

    4. No. But I will be sad and I lose my job.


  13. roseyxoxo said:

    Will you SWEAR in posts?:never
    Why do you WANT work for this blog?:Because your my fantage blog here(NO LIE)
    Can I trust you and know that you will do me good?:Comepltely i would never do anything without your permission.
    will you get so angry and make mean groups about this blog if I delete you as an author without telling you?: NO NEVER
    Your WordPress User or Email here: username:roseyxoxo


  14. can i be admin? i promise to be loyal kind respective and i will never ever use my power against peoples will. i will be active (im a late nighter) and posting all the hot and stylish trends in fantage! plz reply if i wave the job

  15. sweetiecookies said:

    you can hire me! pls hire me!

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