This is a blog for fantage where fantagians can get together, have fun, play games, find out hints and cheats,chat together and see whats new on fantage!!


I was causally on fantage taking snap shots of new events for this blog!!! when I saw yara_yara
if you don’t know yara_yara is a very high level fantagian (not the highest though, pinkstardust is)
anyways I really like her she seems kind !! if you have any questions about anything and you see her ask her im sure she wont mind!1 🙂


too cool for you pictures

well fantage just done summer camp right well its happening again except I think this is going to be better and spookier!! fantage has done some ghost stuff in the past about 1-2 years ago I cant remember but they gave out a lot of free items I think this year wont be any different! YAY


I wonder if people could actually make us sit around a campfire at night while telling us ghost stories!!!

wouldn’t that be cool? comment what you think about this new activity?? ghost stories!!^^

you may have seen me write f.a.b well reason: it stands for fantage at blogging (my blog’s name) and well fab is fabulous and this blog is fabulous lol. *maybe*
anyways f.a.b is just the shorter way to say it.
ill post up more tips on this page.

#101 Tips for F.A.B


Fantage has done a bit of a change, for the better. its totally different now. I haven’t been on fantage and fantage at blogging(best blog ever) for a while so I don’t know if this new design is new for fantage or what but yeah. Today I got back on to track with everything including fantage and I type fantage in the google bar and then this totally new and different fantage comes up. well maybe im just really delayed and late. but oh well I just logged in since nearly 2 months. YAY back to fantage missed it. but to be honest I missed the blog more. I LOVE FANTAGE_AT_BLOGGING.

from: the very late one SINDEAAAAAYYYYYY (sindy)






Some things are opening on the island! Yayz! The island will be be more fun!


OKAY, so alot of people have been asking me how to get free ecoins…. so i decided to make a post!!!

I have been playing fantage for a long time now, and so far i have found a few ways to get FREE ecoins. (if you are not allowed to purchase ecoins, then this is a great blog to visit, most of the things i post here are free)

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫ ♥вυввℓуѕ¢αяƒ♥♫Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ❤

Okay so I’ll put these in order from hardest/longest time needed and easiest/no time needed:
Log into fantage and click your idfone at the bottom it says earn ecoins! Click it and all you need to do is watch ads that go from 30 seconds to 10 minutes each ad you watch you can earn 20 ecoins. (Yes I know not much but it still helps)

An easier way you can try to find the password for my free membership and ecoins page, free ecoins and membership
And click ecoins!
Here’s the link …