This is a blog for fantage where fantagians can get together, have fun, play games, find out hints and cheats,chat together and see whats new on fantage!!

Free accounts help

~ if you have any accounts (not newbies eg. Level 1-10 )
It would be the best if you can email me the usernames and passwords to add on my blog! And of course you will be credited!! If you have given me an account and after 3 days it hasn’t been on the page.. It’s okay maybe I didn’t see the email, email me again(ps. I get like a billion emails, stupid scams [how on earth did you find my email]) or maybe I looked at the account and it wasn’t that good but please prove me wrong if the account matches the rule: over level ten then it should be up in three days!! ( three days maybe more depends of I’m doing something cause I need to make a separate profile for each)
Please comment below if you have an account like this

I have an account its a mem! (Ill put this on the members and rare page! You shall also be credited and given more clues to that page) or like this I have a non account over level ten! I would say okay post up the username and password- NO ONE but me will see it. 😉


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  1. I need a account Ill trade

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