This is a blog for fantage where fantagians can get together, have fun, play games, find out hints and cheats,chat together and see whats new on fantage!!



Fantage is still into  the water/sea themed festivals:


take a journey under the sea at fantage this week!

click on your map!


and click on the island!

fantage changed a bit of the island and turned it into more of and under water themed island and also added a few costumes to wear.


check out the cool limited items on sale now at downtown and uptown!


help out Ellie by following the instructions and helping with her with her fish catalog! located at the top of your screen this time

fantage changed the screening !


fantage changed the location of the mini quest, daily spin, themed weekly activities catalog! they used to be  located on the left side of the  screen, now at the right top side!


if you  click fish catalog, it comes up. find these fish in the sea and take a picture with them to help Ellie.


Lastly , go to  either downtown or   up town, and click on the comic !

there is a cool comic about the activity for this week (I think well they do that all the time, except well  this time I didn’t bother watching the  comic only because it also freezes my computer and my computer starts to lag!

OKAY WELL THATS ALL FOR NOW!!!!! check out fantage to see this awesome festival!



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