This is a blog for fantage where fantagians can get together, have fun, play games, find out hints and cheats,chat together and see whats new on fantage!!

New on fantage.


Fantage has done a bit of a change, for the better. its totally different now. I haven’t been on fantage and fantage at blogging(best blog ever) for a while so I don’t know if this new design is new for fantage or what but yeah. Today I got back on to track with everything including fantage and I type fantage in the google bar and then this totally new and different fantage comes up. well maybe im just really delayed and late. but oh well I just logged in since nearly 2 months. YAY back to fantage missed it. but to be honest I missed the blog more. I LOVE FANTAGE_AT_BLOGGING.

from: the very late one SINDEAAAAAYYYYYY (sindy)


Comments on: "New on fantage." (2)

  1. sindypie said:

    TASH, how do you make the writing different, prettier and more fancy.. .

    • Sindy.. When your posting up something use the stuff at the top there isn’t much but that’s the only way. If you have anymore questions comment it on the f.a.b staff page! 😉

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